The Princess and the Hunchback Serbian book cover

The Princess and the Hunchback

After the collapse of Communism, the subjects of the tiny country of Moslavia decide to restore the Monarchy. The last king, who escaped during War World II with his family to the United States, is nowhere to be found. When the US Secret Service finally locate his only surviving granddaughter, both Royalists and Oppositionists send their agents to New York. The former to bring the lost Princess back to the country and the latter to prevent her royal ascension "at any cost"!

Benedikt is a phenomenal visual storyteller. The reader has an impression as if "seeing the movie"! - George Turner, Editor in Chief AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER MAGAZINE

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B. D. Benedikt is an inventor of a brand new literary style, popularly called RELIGIOUS THRILLERS. But instead of OUR SPIES over-smarting THEIR SPIES, the invisible GOD's and SATAN's agents fight for our souls! The books became immensely popular in the countries of Eastern Europe and were translated into six languages, including English. (Sources: Wikipedia)