The Pills cover photo

The Pills

A suspenseful story about two siblings, both doctors of pharmacy, who invent "the pill of the future" and sell the secret formula to a lonely millionaire.

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Virgin World cover photo

Virgin World

When dozens of young "virgins" disappear from Italian resorts, Interpol sends it's best agent to solve the mystery. After an extremely suspenseful investigation...

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Vengeance is Mine cover photo

Vengeance is mine

A retired cop and his only daughter, Audrey, live on a farm when Audrey is brutally killed in the field. Unhappy with the slow investigation, Audrey's father undertakes his own investigation.

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White Indian cover photo

White Indian

An American Indian, escapes from prison, where he was sentenced for life. As soon as he finds himself free, he looks for the man who falsely accused him of a crime he had not commit.

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Princess and the Hunchback cover photo

The Princess and the Hunchback

Tiny Carpatia decide to restore the Monarchy, in that process forces of good and evil are looking for lost princess...

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Planet of Women cover photo

Zorium Planet of Women

After a thousand years under the oppressive rule of ruthless King Roha, the women of Zorium decide to separate and choose their own Queen. But to do that, they must first cross the "Desert of Death".

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O'Connor Interpol Secret Agen cover photo

O'Connor Interpol Secret Agent

This are the suspensfull pocketbook series of O'Connor Interpol Secret agent adventures.

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Federal Sheriff cover photo

Federal Sheriff

This are the suspensfull pocketbook series adventures of Sheriff Ed Roland...

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