Parallel World book cover

Parallel World

The book deals in a spectacular way with God's creation of two parallel dimensions, one purely spiritual, and the other purely material.

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story of Karma book cover

Story of Karma

The book describes the spiritual horror of a Mexican bandit Emilio Valdez, who killed five innocent people and must "return" their lives to God, or suffer in a hell.

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Fifth Life book cover

Fifth Life

Continuation of "story of Karma," which takes place on the planet Zorijum 2038, in which Benedict combines the reincarnation of the biblical myth of the expulsion from Eden...

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soul Traders book cover

Soul Traders

In an extremely suspenseful plot, the book describes destinies of two Hollywood film directors: one who works for the devil and the other who works for God.

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The Projectionist book cover

The Projectionist

A mysterious and visually striking young man arrives in a small Russian town and causes a great stir among the local movers and shakers.

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Millennium book cover


In a stunning fiction story ambitious bioengineer, who is hired by an anonymous source to re-design and resurrect a "perfect woman", realizes that only...

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The Nobleman book cover

The Nobleman

In the Communist post-war era of the imaginary kingdom of Moravia, con-artist is trying to ingeniously find his way into the ranks of the nobility...

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The King's Man book cover

The King's Man

In this exciting historical fiction novel, Benedikt describes the events under the cruel Turkish occupation of a fictional Slavic land called Karpatia, and the hatred it created in the souls of the oppressed.

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Lion's Den book cover

Lion's Den

After dozens of young women mysteriously disappear from a Nazi occupied Ukrainian town, a special German police investigator arrives to solve the case.

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seven days to Apocalypse book cover

Seven days to Apocalypse

This is story what will happen to the world during last seven days before the revelation of the Apocalypse...

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Inquisitor book cover


It is an exciting story about Queen Frederica's fight to keep her tiny state away from the ambitions of Otto von Bismarck.

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Phantom of Palermo book cover

The Phantom of Palermo

A fictional story about a legendary Sicilian avenger (the Phantom of Palermo) and his countless adventures.

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Paradox book cover


In the book, PARADOX, God grants three suffering individuals a second chance to experience life without limitations by healing their wounds and briefly returning them into the past.

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Hitler's Interpreter book cover

Hitler's Interpreter

Hitler's INTERPRETER is the suspenseful Odyssey of a young German idealist and a beautiful Jewish model...

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Emperor's Cousin book cover

The Emperor's Cousin

Boy and girl hide from each other their true identity, not knowing in what an extraordinary tangle of events will be their fake companionship soon plunge.

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sinner in Paradise book cover

A Sinner in Paradise

After she had committed suicide, a godless girl wakes up in a hellish place. As a punishment, she is sent to paradise to spiritually mature...

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Girl in Cage book cover

The Girl in the Cage

The book is about the incredible adventures of young, brave Baroness Chantelle de Brišák, who fights against corruption and terror during the French Revolution.

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Utopia book cover


Young Japanese scholar and an English professor are transported to a parallel world during the Apocalypse. From there, they are sent to a distant planet to help "inferior beings" with their spiritual development...

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They called me Disney book cover

They called me Disney

To the objection that my biography on the site is too narrow and that readers would like to learn more about me and my life, I decided to give them this opportunity to fulfill their desire and entertain them...

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Messenger book cover


When the terrorists succeed kidnapping the daughter of US President, no one in the world is able to locate and save her, but a young woman from Brooklyn!

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Doomsday Clock book cover

Doomsday Clock

What would you do if you learned that everything that you believed in was a lie. Can one man stop the ticking of Doomsday Clock or we need something more...

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Stella the Queen of the Night book cover

Stella the Queen of the Night

STELLA - THE QUEEN OF THE NIGHT is a historical novel dating back to World War II. STELLA was a circus acrobat, known as Stella - Queen of the Night...

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Seven book cover


In the novel SEVEN, Benedict describes the sinful lives of the seven transgressors of God's commandments and their trial and punishment after waking up in a parallel world....

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Portal book cover


Three Swedish scientists discover a "passage" from this world to another, parallel one, without suspecting the terrible problems that discovery will lead them to...

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Investigation Officer book cover

Investigation Officer

The plot of the novel is set in Belgrade in 1960. A young but talented investigator discovers a murder committed by her boss.…

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Manifesto book cover


American domestic terrorists succeed in acquiring an atomic bomb, with the intention of "punishing" their corrupt government. A race against time follows... A classic thriller with countless tense twists.

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