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They called me "Disney" (Autobiography)

To the objection of many readers that my biography on the site is too narrow and that they would like to learn more about me and my life, I decided to give them this opportunity to fulfill their desire and entertain them only with pearls of my life experience. But do not worry, you will not be bored, because my life is no less interesting than my novels.

"Benedikt is a phenomenal visual storyteller. The reader has an impression as if "seeing the movie"! - George Turner, Editor in Chief AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER MAGAZINE

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Welcome to the website of B. D. BENEDIKT, an award winning film maker and the author of 36 international bestsellers. His books have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide!

Benedikt's work focuses on a main theme: betterment of the human soul. He chooses settings and characters that illustrate the best and worst of humanity in order to better explore the purpose of life. As a result, his books aren't subject to a specific genre, but range from historical fiction to sci-fi fantasy.

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B. D. Benedikt is an inventor of a brand new literary style, popularly called RELIGIOUS THRILLERS. But instead of OUR SPIES over-smarting THEIR SPIES, the invisible GOD's and SATAN's agents fight for our souls! The books became immensely popular in the countries of Eastern Europe and were translated into six languages, including English. (Sources: Wikipedia)