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Dear readers!

Wife Katarina informs you that her dear husband Božidar has gone to the parallel world in which he believed so much.

He often said "I don't just believe God exists, I know He does." 

This was also felt through his books in which he described the lives of everyday people in various countries. Through those stories, like a spider's thread, God's message "everyone who chooses for God's good will find himself in his eternal kingdom." 

Although many readers wrote him letters, which he loved and saved in his album, and thanked him for the help his books provided them in difficult times of life, he always said "I am only His pen, and dear God is that which alone can act on human souls and save them. Because only our creator has that strength"! 

Especially now that he is gone from our earthly life, I remember a short story where the departure of a soul is compared to a ship leaving for a long journey. Loved ones wave and cry for him as the ship disappears over the horizon. On the other side, on the shore of God's world, people are standing, waving and crying with joy because he is returning to his eternal home, which dear God has prepared for him. 

In his name, in the name of me and our children, I wish you that dear God will follow you to the end of your earthly journey and that he will warmly welcome you and your loved ones to his eternal kingdom! 

With love,
Wife Katarina,
Daughter Alexandra and son Thomas. 

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,


Welcome to the website of B. D. BENEDIKT, an award winning film maker and the author of 36 international bestsellers. His books have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide!

Benedikt's work was focused on a main theme: betterment of the human soul. He chooses settings and characters that illustrate the best and worst of humanity in order to better explore the purpose of life. As a result, his books aren't subject to a specific genre, but range from historical fiction to sci-fi fantasy.

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B. D. Benedikt was an inventor of a brand new literary style, popularly called RELIGIOUS THRILLERS. But instead of OUR SPIES over-smarting THEIR SPIES, the invisible GOD's and SATAN's agents fight for our souls! The books became immensely popular in the countries of Eastern Europe and were translated into six languages, including English. (Sources: Wikipedia)