B. D. Benedikt graduated in 1963 from the famous Manaki Film Institute in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He then became an independent writer/director. In that capacity he created a series of TV films and docu-dramas. For one of those, HIGIYA, he received a Golden Screen Film Award in 1966 at the prestigious San Stephano Film and Television Festival. After receiving the Golden Screen, Benedikt was invited to Rome to write screenplays for the first four TV westerns based on his FEDERAL SHERIFF pocket books series. Among his teachers and lecturers were such luminaries as Orson Welles, Rene Clement, Vittorio De Sica and Andrzey Vayda.

In 1968 Benedikt was called to work for the famed Fishercoesen Film Studios in Bonn. He then went to Synchron Studio und Atelier Gmbh in Munich, where he wrote and directed six TV dramas for German television. In 1971 he immigrated to Canada and worked for the Rainbow Film Corporation, directing short films and TV commercials. Soon he was invited to Hollywood, where he worked as an Art Director for the Film Effects of Hollywood, perfecting the movie-making trade with such masters of special effects as Oscar winning Lynn Dunn and Wally Gentleman (2001: A Space Odyssey). During his work in California, Benedikt continued his studies at Columbia (Pacific) University. He holds a Masters Degree in Film and Television Design and a Ph.D. in Literature and Dramatic Arts.

After returning to Canada, Benedikt worked for the advertising industry, designing and directing a number of noted TV commercials. He also continued writing books and scripts and began directing feature films. In 1986 a thriller, BEYOND THE SEVENTH DOOR, was produced. BROOKLYN NIGHTS followed in 1987. A mystery, GRAVEYARD STORY, was filmed in 1990. And a Cinderella tale, VANESSA, was released in 2007.