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Vanessa (Drama - 2007)

While waiting for the train to pass (Bennet), an out-of-town businessman notices a destitute girl (Vanessa), freezing in the cold. Suspecting that she will throw herself under the train, he takes the girl with him to a nearby restaurant for a warm meal. During the conversation, Vanessa tells Bennet her sad life story and reveals to him her inborn talent. Bennet offers the girl 10.000 dollars to turn her life around, but in return he asks for her only "treasure"-her virginity!

Hollywood star Nick Mancuso plays Bennet. Candice Prentice plays Vanessa, and Canadian film diva Jennifer Dale plays Vanessa's mother. The film was shot in 12 working days on locations in Mississauga, Canada. Shortly after filming, Candice moved to Hollywood, where she successfully continues her career. The film is presently distributed by UNISTAR INTERNATIONAL PICTURES, Hollywood.

Benedikt is a phenomenal visual storyteller. The reader has an impression as if "seeing the movie"! - George Turner, Editor in Chief AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER MAGAZINE

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B. D. Benedikt is an inventor of a brand new literary style, popularly called RELIGIOUS THRILLERS. But instead of OUR SPIES over-smarting THEIR SPIES, the invisible GOD's and SATAN's agents fight for our souls! The books became immensely popular in the countries of Eastern Europe and were translated into six languages, including English. (Sources: Wikipedia)